توضیحات : “Chlick is a social network which is related to “Mehr” news media. This application has designed for those who are far away, but still they are part of a society. In this social network we are planning to share the news, events, information and all of the related subjects.

You may have so many beautiful pictures in your device gallery which are related to every day events and subjects in city and maybe you would like to share them with other people. Chlick is an application which prepare this possibility to send your pictures, share them and see other users’ pictures either. To make it more excited and interesting, “Mehr” news media also design some competition between users who send their pictures, at the end the winner will be selected based on the elements that the panel management has decided about them. To make it much more interesting there will be some prize for winners too.
تاریخ انتشار : April 25, 2015
نام کارفرما : Mehr News


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